Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao of the 13 postures and principles, PART ONE

In this session we will explore into Cai, Lie, Zhou and Kao of the 13 postures/principles with speciel focus on Cai, as well as the Peng, Lu, Ji, An pushhand exercise the way we practice it in the system of Master Sam Tam and the special walking and stepping method from the Taijiform.

This session continuous where the previous one left off why it is a good idea if possible to watch that session first before signing up for this one.

We will look at when and why we apply the beforementioned, their specialties, some of the postures and movements in the Taijiform which relates specifically to them and more. We will also focus on the very specific walking and stepping method we include in the system and one of the very important partner drills when it comes to develop high skills in pushhands/tuishou.

I will also reveal the important connection between standing meditation/Zhan Zhuang and “powerpush” for martial applications.

As usual everything which is being taught is done in a precise, open, and straightforward manner with clear in-depth explanations, free of mysticism or wrapped in fancy words or terms.

The workshops will be the closest you can come to do a face-to-face session with me. The session will be 3 hours long.