Meet Torben Bremann

Torben teaches a wide variety of forms and exercises based on the desires of his students and their needs – focusing on the internal work. He has a thorough understanding of the differences and qualities in different styles of taiji and qigong and willingly shares his knowledge with those who wish to learn. Torben has a vast vocabulary of taiji and qigong and is able to combine his experiences with different traditions to teach the internal arts in a very clear and understandable way.

Private lessons
Private lessons in Copenhagen can be booked on request to Torben Bremann. The teaching takes place in a relaxed atmosphere with clear hands on demonstration and will be suited to meet the students at his or her level.

Torben teaches both experienced performers of taiji and yiquan and practitioners of other martial arts (as well as qigong) who are beginning their exploration of the internal arts.

Torben usually gives several workshops and seminars (mostly in Copenhagen) over the year. If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your area or country, you can make a request.


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