1. How long is the exploringtaiji/exploringqigong course?

Exploring Taiji is in its basic form a 2,5-year (the basic curriculum) journey in the world of taiji guided by sifu Torben Bremann. The material is VERY dense and comprehensive.

After that you will have the option to join the extended curriculum where you dig even deeper into the very advanced training.

Exploring Qigong is 1,5 year long

2. How many videos do I get access to pr. Week?

One new video per week is guaranteed and available to watch in the primary learning path section of your members area. From time to time there are also extra videos and written materials available throughout the course to assist your training and advance your development.

3. Is it possible to pause/cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You will have access to the lessons until your subscription has expired

4. After the subscription has expired, do I still have access to the video lessons I have paid for?

You have access to the videos as long as you subscribe to the course. When your subscription ends your access also ends. 

5. If I subscribe again after I canceled and my subscription has expired, can I continue the lessons from where I left?

Off course. You can restart from the point where you left. If the site does not recognize your previous position in the course, please contact me to help you restore your subscription.

6. If I change my subscription from monthly to a yearly membership, do I continue the lessons from that monthly membership that I have paid?

Yes, it will continue the lessons from your monthly membership. 

7. I am not a beginner but (feel) very advanced, can I skip all the foundation and jump right into the advanced?

Generally no. Even though you might have been practicing for years and think you know some of the material already, I might (I) do things differently and with another angle, approach, etc. There is a reason the platform is built as it is – to help you progress and develop as fast and correctly as possible.

Remember – I have more than 30 years of experience, having learned directly from some of the greatest masters of the past and present.

That being said we have had a few students who felt they were very advanced and fast learning who begged if they could pay and get access to all the material on one or both of the platforms at once, and I allowed for that. Contact me directly if that is your wish to make use of that option. The price is different and way higher than the subscription option.

8. How can I contact you for support?

You can use [email protected] for the fastest assistance. You can also join our member group on Facebook by sending a request to the group.

9. All rights to the material on the platforms are reserved to exploringtaiji/exploringqigong by the founder Torben Bremann

It is illegal to copy, use or sell any of the material on the platform without the written permission from Torben Bremann and will be prosecuted by law.