Go deeper in your exploration of Rooting and Grounding

In this live session we continue to explore into rooting and grounding and go deeper.

We will look at how deep roots is the foundation for developing an elastic body and frame, the “balloonman”, how to inflate and deflate body as well as mind, how to be capable in partner work of giving the point of contact but not the point of issuing, how to develop the beforementioned skills through standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang) and a clear explanation and demonstration of the practice path to achieve it, the importance and true meaning of a good practice partner for validation and exploration and much more.

I will teach and do relevant exercises together with you, share important information with you, answer your questions, point in directions of further development, and much more.

The workshops will be the closest you can come to do a face-to-face session with me. If you didn’t participate in the workshop Rooting and Grounding I strongly advice you to purchase it from the website exploringtaiji.com since the foundation to create strong roots and grounding was taught and explained during that 3-hour session

The live session is 3 hours long.