About Exploring Master Sam Tam’s Taiji

In this course the focus is mainly on the system of Master Sam Tam as taught to Torben Bremann privately over two decades. You will learn the whole Taijiform, partnerexerceises and pushhands as well as in depth instruction in Zhan Zhuang (Standing meditation), important Neigong/Qigong exercises, Taiji two-man partnerform, important solo practices and much more.

The program is THE ONLY publicly available chance to learn this unique internal system online which contains the essence and core of Internal Martial Arts, and it is taught by one of his most senior students in a pedagogical and chronological order to develop your internal skills as quickly as possible. The program is a 2 year (the basic curriculum) journey in the world of Taiji, Zhan Zhuang and Internal Martial Arts guided by sifu Torben Bremann. After that you will have the option to join the extended curriculum where you dig even deeper into the very advanced training.

When you subscribe to the rolling course you will get access to one new video of top-quality instruction pr. week as well as continuous access to previous weeks videos as long as you have an active membership. You will have access 24/7 wherever you are! The course also includes written instructions from time to time as well as access to a private Facebook group for subscribers where it is possible to ask questions, share videos, etc. and get feedback.

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Since 2005 Torben has been studying under the guidance of Master Sam Tam and has been encouraged to teach in his tradition.

– Sam Tam Taiji form
– Important solopractices
– Tui Shou
– Sanshou
– 5 animals qigong
– Soaring Crane qigong
– Standing meditation
– and much more

Torbens Taiji Lineage

Torben has practiced many styles of Taiji, but his main inspirations are in these 3 lineages. You can read more about the teachers from these lineages in the articles section.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Foundational exercises

    • 1. Loosening & warm up exercises

    • 2. Wuji and basic connection Exercise

    • 3. Standing meditation: A foundation for movement

    • 4. Partner exercise 1: Learning to let go

    • 5. Walking exercise - traditional taiji walking

  • 2

    Sam Tam's Taijiform: First section

    • 6. Setting the shoulders

    • 7. Soaring crane Qigong 1: Opening the shoulders and shouldergirdle

    • 8. Introduction to the Taijiform of Master Sam Tam and opening of the form

    • 9. Left ward off and right ward off

    • 10. Grasp sparrows tail, roll back, press and push

    • 11. Stepping: The way we do it in Master Sam Tam's form

    • 12. Single whip

    • 13. Raise hands and shoulder stroke

    • 14. Partner exercise 2: Pushing shoulders and hips

    • 15. Partner exercise 3: Double shoulder roll

    • 16. White crane spreads its wings and brush knee

    • 17. Standing meditation

    • 18. Play guitar and brush knee

    • 19. Sensing and sinking the Qi

    • 20. Apparent close, cross hands and closing of the sequence

    • 21. Partner exercise 4: Slow push

    • 22: First section of Master Sam Tam's form

  • 3

    Sam Tam's Taijiform: Second section

    • 23. Carry the tiger over the mountain, grasp sparrows tail and diagonal single whip

    • 24. Fist under elbow

    • 25. Repulse monkey and diagonal flying

    • 26. Wave hands and single whip

    • 27. Second section of Master Sam Tam's Taijiform

  • 4

    Sam Tams's Taijiform: Third section

    • 28. Snake creeps down and golden rooster

    • 29. Separate the legs and brush knee

    • 30. Needle at the bottom of the sea and fan through the back

    • 31. Elbow stroke, punch, roll back and low punch

    • 32. Grasp sparrows tail, single whip and third section of Master Sam Tam's Taijiform

  • 5

    Sam Tam's Taijiform: Fourth section

    • 33. Fair lady works shuttles / four corners

    • 34. Left ward off, grasp sparrows tail and single whip

    • 35. Snake creeps down and single whip

    • 36. Step up to seven stars and retreat to ride the tiger

    • 37. Turn body, sweep lotus step, bend bow and shoot the tiger

    • 38. Step up, parry and punch, apparent close, cross hands and closing of the sequence

    • 39. Sam Tam's Taijiform: The whole form

  • 6

    Qigong, Neigong and partnerwork

    • 40. Soaring crane 2: Part one

    • 41. Chen style Taijiform: First routine, part one

    • 42. Basic connection exercise revisited

    • 43. Four corner short form with focus on Qi: Part one

    • 44. Four corner short form with focus on Qi: Part two

    • 45. Standing meditation revisited

    • 46. Special exercises to work on the midsection: Tantien, yao and qua

    • 47. Loosening exercise 6 (song gong 6)

    • 48. Loosening exercise 7 (song gong 7)

    • 49. Soaring crane 3: Part one

    • 50. Taijiball

    • 51. Fajin: Release of energy

    • 52. Taijibang

  • 7

    Partnerwork and Zhan Zhuang

    • 53. Loosening exercise 6 (song gong 6): With a partner

    • 54. Loosening exercise 7 (song gong 7): With a partner

    • 55. Standing meditation: Using the Taijibang

    • 56. Bouncing exercises

    • 57. Standing meditation: Advanced

  • 8

    Sam Tam's Taijiform: Focus on Qi, Neigong and partnerwork

    • 58. Soaring crane Qigong: The full set

    • 59. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part one

    • 60. Yielding: Like a ball on water

    • 61. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part two

    • 62. Single movement practice: Diagonal flying and roll back

    • 63. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part three

    • 64. Partner exercise: Ward off

    • 65. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part four

    • 66. Dynamic pushhands

    • 67. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part five

    • 68. Reverse breathing

    • 69. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Part six

    • 70. Standing meditation revisited

    • 71. Master Sam Tam's form with focus on Qi: Whole first section

  • 9

    Partnerwork, Qigong and single movement practice

    • 72. Breathing exercise

    • 73. Yielding: Firm

    • 74. Solo exercise: Focus on Qi

    • 75. Partner exercise: Use the structure

    • 76. Single movement practice: Repulse monkey, slanted flying and wave hands

    • 77. Partner exercise: Focus on roll back and sticking

    • 78. Partner exercise: Connect to the tension using the shirt

    • 79. Baduanjin: Focus on Qi and opening of joints

    • 80. Partner exercise with a ball

    • 81. Standing meditation: "Shrinking the bones"

    • 82. Soaring crane 3: The full set

    • 83. Partner exercise: Connect with both arms to the partner

    • 84: Bouncing exercise revisited

  • 10

    Qigong, partnerwork, Qinna and pole exercise

    • 85. Five animals Qigong: The bear, part one

    • 86. Five animal Qigong: The bear, part two

    • 87. Five animal Qigong: The bear, part three

    • 88. Basic connection exercise revisited

    • 89. Basic connection exercise revisited: With a partner

    • 90. Turning and opening

    • 91. Sitting meditation

    • 92. Turning and opening: With a partner

    • 93. Pole exercises: For power

    • 94. Qinna

    • 95. Baduanjin: Applications

    • 96. Push exercise: Focusing on Qi

    • 97. The canoe exercise

  • 11

    Taiji Sanshou form

    • 98. Taiji Sanshou form: Part one

    • 99. Taiji Sanshou form: Part two

    • 100. Taiji Sanshou form: Part three

    • 101. Taiji Sanshou form: Part four

    • 102. Taiji Sanshou form: Part five

  • 12

    Taijipunch, powerexercise and Zhan Zhuang

    • 103. Taiji punch: The mechanics and energetics

    • 104. Standing meditation revisited

    • 105. Power exercises

    • 106. The final session

Bonus material

Our courses give you access to so much more!

  • Written instructions

    In addition to the video courses, you will get access to a number of written instructions that will help you deepen your practice.

  • Facebook group

    As a subscriber on exploring taiji or exploring qigong you get access to a closed facebook group where you can ask questions directly to Torben.

  • Bonus videos

    Each of our courses also contains bonus material from Torbens extensive video library of training sessions with his teachers.

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