Go deeper in your exploration of Rooting and Grounding

In this session we explored into the Taijiform of Master Sam Tam as well as the standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang). We look at the fundamentals in the Taijiform – sinking the Qi, shifting the weight and structure as well as point in the direction of further development including spiraling movement, centermove, yin and yang in body and arms, 6 external harmonies in relation to formpractice and more.

I will teach and do a part of the first section of the form together with you with clear in-depth explanations.

In the standing meditation we will look at the fundamental positions, how they are connected to the Form practice, the development potentials for the standing meditation, how it helps to learn to transfer and issue the force from the back and more.

I will teach and do all the relevant exercises together with you, share important information with you, answer your questions, point in directions of further development, and much more.

The workshops will be the closest you can come to do a face-to-face session with me. If you didn’t participate in the workshops on Rooting and Grounding, I strongly advise you to purchase them from the website exploringtaiji.com just as you will get the most out of the session if you are already a member of either exploringtaiji.com or exploringqigong.com

The live session is 3 hours long.